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August Landscaping Tips

... How to Keep Your Lawn Fit

The dog days of summer are upon us. Many of you are taking a vacation. You’ve worked hard and its time to shut down for a little while.

Check your irrigation and make sure that it is working properly. Make sure that your timer is set correctly and coming on at the right time. Manually turn on each zone and make sure that all heads are firing in  the proper direction. Look for low pressure, broken heads and pooling of water anywhere on the lawn.

Sedge grasses, most commonly known as Green or Yellow Kyllinga or Nutsedge, are in full bloom this month. If your unfamiliar with these look them up online. There are plenty of pictures available. They grow in the turf and become more noticeable in August. Nutsedge has taller, thicker blades then typical lawn grass and Kyllinga is very dense, starts to change to a lighter green or yellow and actually flowers in late August and early September. These sedges will come back every year (perennials) and, if left untreated, can eventually take over your lawn and wipe out the healthy rye, fescue and blue grasses. Fit Lawns Landscaping has a treatment program to help control these invasive sedges. Getting the product on the Nutsedge before it gets too long and the Kyllinga before it flowers are crucial for effectiveness. This must take place so that your lawn has enough time to recover before seeding season next month.


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